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Personal Affairs - Probate and administration of estates

We understand that this is a sensitive time for all concerned. Be assured that we act with sympathy, efficiency and professionalism to ensure that you get the advice you need. We can make sure that the estate of the deceased person is dealt with correctly and as quickly as possible.

Often, family members or friends are named as the executors or are appointed as administrators of the deceased’s estate. This can be a time-consuming and complex task, which can add to the emotional strain at this very difficult time. If there is no valid will, then we can advise you on where you stand legally.


In all cases, Graham Dawson & Co can deal with the administration and distribution of an estate for you. We have years of experience, so you can be assured that, however complex an estate, we will handle it efficiently. We can also advise on the many tax issues that can arise on death.


These are just some of the details that we can advise you on:


  • who to notify
  • if there is a will, whether probate has to be obtained
  • what the executor has to do
  • what to do if there is no will
  • getting details of the assets
  • dealing with the Inland Revenue
  • Inheritance Tax payment
  • Inheritance Tax avoidance or reduction
  • finding and contacting beneficiaries
  • claiming expenses

 We are happy to have a free initial discussion with you by telephone. So call us  on 01322 55 88 11.

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